Red Roof KuneKune's Mentoring Program

Red Roof KuneKune's Mentoring Program is one of our greatest passions at Red Roof KuneKunes!


Red Roof KuneKune's Mentor Program is top notch and catered to each individuals farm goals.  We love to teach other KuneKune enthusiasts about raising KuneKunes.

When we started out in 2013, we had several phenomenal mentors. Mentoring clients as well as their children is pure joy for us!

The Red Roof KuneKune Mentor program starts the moment a pig is deposited and often during the calls, emails and texts prior to this.  We are here to help you as long as you need and want our help.  We are available 24/7/365 via phone, email, pm or text.

Multiple clients have become life long friends and frequently conversations go well beyond KuneKune talk!  If you have contacted us and do not hear back quickly, contact us again please!  We strive to return calls, texts and emails immediately.

Red Roof KuneKunes offers a Clients Only password protected section of our website.There is a button at the bottom of each page on our website to request the password.This section provides information and links to Red Roof KuneKunes vaccination regiment, medications, barn supplies and much more.

Mike and I structure each clients mentoring to their specific goals for raising KuneKunes.  We will help you develop a plan for your vision with your needs kept in the forefront. Through collaboration with our clients we are able to nail down a plan that is custom to each client.  Clients all have different perspectives and visions for their KuneKune herd.  It is of the utmost importance for us to take clients beliefs and wants and make a plan that will work.