Red Roof KuneKune's Sales Contract / Receipt

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Why A Contract?

What is the Contract Used For?

From the start of breeding KuneKunes I quickly being aware how important organization is - there is so much information a breeder needs at their fingertips and it needs to be in one place.I need complete contact information for my clients as well as complete information on the KuneKune I am registering with AKKPS. Mike and I worked closely with our mentor at the time, Kathy Petersen of Virginia KuneKunes. Kathy shares my concerns and agrees with the need for a contract for her business as well.   Knowing all of this I came up with Red Roof KuneKunes contract with help from my mentor.  There are 4 revisions since creating the original contract in 2014!Contracts are usually emailed within 72 hours of a deposit being placed.They are updated as the piglet ages.When the KuneKune piglet goes home the entire form is complete.

What is the Information Used For?

I find that:

  • Clients want to be contacted through a specific form of communication for various reasons. 
  • Apple products receive pictures and videos well while Android products do not
  • Some clients prefer delivery while some want to visit Red Roof KuneKunes and pick up their pig
  • Clients have different intentions for the use of their KuneKunes being purchased
  • Some clients are raising for meat and would prefer no microchip and would like an ear tag instead
  • KuneKunes have call names and l clients would like that reflected on the AKKPS Pedigree
  • Clients need to know what I am feeding and how much.
  • Clients need to know whether or not the KuneKune piglet is still using a heat lamp
  • It is important for clients to know when the pig was vaccinated and de-wormed and when the next round is due
  • Some clients do not want their pig vaccinated due to husbandry methods are their farm

All of the above reasons are why Red Roof KuneKunes contract is very detailed.  We want to be as thorough as possible so that our clients are set up to succeed!


AKKPS Registered Breeders Have Responsibilities!

Did you know that only the AKKPS breeder of a KuneKune Litter can register the piglets?  The Breeder sends in a Litter Notification for the entire litter of piglets.The Breeder submits Parentage DNA verification to UC Davis for the KuneKunes that will be fully registered.   KuneKune Pet Registration does not require Parentage DNA verification.  The Breeder submits registration paperwork once the DNA report is back from UC Davis.  All of the above items must be done using the breeders email, UC Davis and PayPal accounts.  What about an AKKPS KuneKune that is already registered and needs to be transferred to the new owner?
Option 1 - The Breeder submits the transfer.
Option 2 - The Seller submits the transfer using the original pedigree with the sellers signature on the pedigree.  Regardless who you purchase your KuneKune from, you should get a contract with all the pigs information listed.  AKKPS has a sample contract on their website for AKKPS Member use. With AKKPS, a buyer who purchased from an AKKPS member and has a contract that states the pig was sold AKKPS registered can file a complaint after a period of time if they do not receive their registration.  AKKPS will investigate the case and if everything is on order allow the buyer to register the KuneKune themselves.