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Caroline & Mike Malott - Red Roof KuneKunes

An American KuneKune Pig Society AKKPS Exclusive Registered Breeder in Virginia

In this section of our website you will learn about Red Rood KuneKunes and Caroline and Mike Malott.

Caroline Red Roof Kunekunes
My husband Mike and I live in Lynchburg, Virginia on a 6 acre farm named Red Roof KuneKunes.  Our Farm has been in business since 2013 raising, breeding and selling AKKPS Registered KuneKune Pigs.
We started out raising KuneKune Pigs and had a several phenomenal mentors.  Red Roof KuneKunes began with a small herd of 5 pigs and over the years has turned into a breeding herd of 30 KuneKunes. Our herd currently has 8 boars and 22 gilts and sows.
Mike and I have a strong mentoring program that has brought many new life long friends into our life.  We work with each clients personal preferences and their vision and strive to curtail our mentorship program to reflect this with each client.
We are also members of EKPA (Empire KuneKune Pig Association) They offer a wealth of educational information and an avenue to show KuneKunes.

We are on the AKKPS Exclusive Breeders List and members of The American KuneKune Pig Society - AKKPS where I have served on the Board of Directors of AKKPS for multiple years and am currently the President of the AKKPS.  Red Roof KuneKunes only sells AKKPS Registered KuneKunes and does not sell any in-tact unregistered pigs.  Every KuneKune Pig purchased through Red Roof KuneKunes comes with a contract guaranteeing AKKPS registration in a timely manner.

Mike and I strongly believe in the KuneKune as a multi purpose heritage breed of swine. There are so many uses (Homesteading, 4H, Show, Pork Production, Grazing Animal, Pet, etc.) for the KuneKune Pig and we understand them all.
Mike and I make a GREAT TEAM!We have been together since we were in 6th grade and have 3 children - Sam(30) Janie (27) Jack (20) and 3 grandchildren - Riley (5) Lily-Ann (3) Wal (2).  I grew up on a working farm and have a strong love for animals although some might call it an obsession lol. Mike has always been the hardest worker that I have ever knew and can accomplish an insane amount in one day without ever being asked or given a to do list. Our two personalities coupled together make the ideal team to raise and breed KuneKune Pigs. We most definitely compliment each other and work well together! It is not always sunshine and rainbows but we have fun on this venture together raising KuneKunes at Red Roof KuneKunes.

Red Roof KuneKune's Farm Set Up


Red Roof KuneKunes raises KuneKunes on 6 acres of land in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Our set up is unique!

The sow field is in the center and all of the individual boar paddocks are off the sow field allowing for easy movement of sows into the individual boar fields.

We have 7 Boar Fields, a Main Sow Field, 6 Farrowing Quarters (stall & outside area), 3 Weanling Areas and a Quarantine Area.

We select breed - meaning we pair a specific boar and sow together for breeding. Red Roof KuneKunes does not field breed. It is important to us that we know the planned sire and dam of each litter.

All of our fields contain plenty of shade, a large mud wallow and a draft free shelter stuffed with hay.

We feed a 16% pellet twice a day along with fresh water twice a day.

To Keep an eye on sows and piglets, we have WiFi cameras in all of our farrowing quarters.

Red Roof KuneKunes is set up to farrow piglets year round.Each farrowing stall has multiple windows and fans for ample airflow in the warmer months.  For the colder months we have heated farrowing stalls, carbon fiber heaters and safety heat lamps.

Why the Name Red Roof KuneKunes


Many people ask me about the name "Red Roof KuneKunes". You will be shocked (or maybe not after being on our website) but red is not my color of choice!Mike and I purchased our home in 2005. We were so excited to have a historical home that was built in 1798 and had so much history but we quickly learned (and I mean the week we moved in) that with the history came a lot of work and many, many necessary updates! Lol, we found ourselves happily house poor! Internet was the biggest issue - DIAL UP! When installing the internet, Mike had to come up with a name for our router. Well you guessed it - our home has a bright Red Roof which can not be missed! Ever since then any and everything home or farm related has been Red Roof _________!

Our Red Roof KuneKune Website


Please continue to navigate through our entire website as we are constantly updating to keep KuneKune enthusiasts well educated and up to speed on everything KuneKune.

There are several pages devoted to Red Roof KuneKune Foundation Stock as well as Red Roof KuneKune Piglets For Sale.

In addition, there is a plethora of information on the history of the KuneKune, Red Roof KuneKunes Mentoring Program, Breeding KuneKunes, Registered KuneKune Contracts, KuneKune basic care including health care and feeding and so much more.

Our website is truly a labor of love that we have created ourselves to reflect our personalities.