KuneKune Questions & Answers

All KuneKune owners need a KuneKune Questions and Answer place to go get information.

KuneKune information and learning all about KuneKunes is so important!

Are KuneKune Pigs aggressive?

KuneKunes are naturally a docile breed of swine that love belly rubs and crave human interaction. They are however a farm animal that requires healthy respect.  

Do KuneKunes make good pets?

KuneKunes make great pets. Especially barrows (castrated male) due to no hormones.

Do KuneKunes Root?

KuneKunes TEND not to root. When fed an appropriate diet with the needed nutrients and minerals many will not root.

What age do you breed KuneKunes?

KuneKune gilts are ready to breed at a minimum 12 months old but preferably 14-18 months.  

Gilts first begin to come into heat between 6 months and 1 year old. 

Mental maturity and size are two key factors in making the decision when to start breeding. 

A boar KuneKune can breed as early as 5 month of age but typically they start breeding at around a year old. 

How often do KuneKune Gilts and Sows go into heat?

Sows and Gilts go into heat every 18-21 days year round.

How long do KuneKunes live?

KuneKunes typically have a life span between 8 and 15 years of age in my experience.

Do KuneKune Barrows develop tusks?

YES however they are usually smaller and thinner

Are KuneKunes good for meat?

KuneKunes meat is bright red and marbled and is very good. It's the Kobe Beef of Pork.

Where can you buy KuneKune pork?

At what age to you harvest/butcher KuneKunes?

Typical Butcher age is 14-18 months.

Do KuneKunes hooves need to be trimmed?

Yes about every 6 - 12 months.

How do KuneKunes do with transport?

KuneKunes do great with transport via ground transport or air.

What is the cost of transport?

CVI $50

Ground Transport $150 - $500 depending on location

Air - $400 including crate for a piglet 

What is a CVI?

CVI = Certified Vet Inspection

COI - What is it?

The coefficient of inbreeding is the probability of inheriting two copies of the same allele from an ancestor that occurs on both sides of the pedigree

Are KuneKunes herd animals - can KuneKunes live alone?

KuneKunes are herd animals and should live in herds of 2 or more.

Can KuneKunes live inside?

KuneKunes can live inside and be potty trained. I am of the mind set though that KuneKunes are a farm animal and should live the life of pig outside.

What animals can KuneKunes live with - chickens and goats or other animals?

Yes KuneKunes do great with chickens and goats. 

Please be careful to keep food and minerals separate. 

Salt is toxic to KuneKunes.

Can KuneKunes eat grapes, apples, pumpkin, lemons, limes, oranges, and tomatoes?

Yes they can in moderation. 

Nightshade plants however are toxic but not the fruit of the plant.

What should KuneKunes NOT eat?


Whole Celery - chopped is okay




Uncooked Potato



Dog Food

Cat Food

Corn Cobs

How do you pronounce KuneKune?


What is the proper spelling of KuneKunes?



Kune Kune 

Coonie Coonie

Kune Kuney


How long are KuneKunes pregnant?

Gestation is 116 days. 

Traditional swine is 114 days.

What do you need to keep KuneKunes?

There are 5 important things

1 - Shelter

2 - Shade

3 - Fresh Water

4 - Mud Wallow

5 - Appropriate Food

Do KuneKunes stink?

No KuneKunes do not stink if kept in an appropriate sized area. 

If a smaller area is used poop should be cleaned up several times a week.

What amount of acreage do KuneKunes need?

1 grassy Acre can easily handle 5 to 6 KuneKunes.

How do KuneKunes do in snow and winter weather?

A 4 sided shelter with a cut out entrance stuffed with hay will keep your adult KuneKune safe from winter elements. 

No heat lamps or other heat source is needed. 

In addition KuneKunes need ample fresh un frozen water.

How do KuneKunes do in the heat of Summer?

KuneKunes need a shaded mud wallow, additional shade and fresh water during summer.

Are KuneKunes loud?

KuneKunes tend to get a bit noisy at feeding time but other than that they are not generally noisy.

Are KuneKunes a heritage breed?


How do I register my KuneKune?

Only the breeder can register a litter of KuneKunes with AKKPS.

Both the sire and dam must be registered with AKKPS.

The dam must be in the name of the breeder in the AKKPS Herd Book.

The sire only needs to be AKKPS registered.

Is there a DNA test for KuneKunes similar to the test for dog breeds?

No, The DNA done on KuneKunes is Parentage DNA testing and required the parents DNA numbers to compare to.

Can KuneKune boars liver together?

Yes however there will be some fighting especially when introducing boars.

Can KuneKunes Co-Farrow and Co-Mother?

Yes they can but my personal opinion is this is that it is a risk I choose not to take. 

Piglets can get squished, not get enough mile and get confused which piglet goes with which mom which is important for registration purposes.

What age do you wean KuneKunes?

I wean between 7 and 9 weeks of age. 

I wean cold turkey by removing the sow.

What vaccines do KuneKunes need?

This is a question that is by the region you live in and best answered by your local vet.

How often do KuneKunes need to be de-wormed?

Every 6 months

Why is it important to buy registered KuneKunes?

A registered KuneKune is Parentage DNA tested which runs throughout the entire pedigree. 

This guaranteed a pure bred KuneKune ensuring the buyer is not getting a mixed breed pig.

What do KuneKunes eat?

KuneKunes are natural grazers. 

They do require a 16 to 17 percent balanced pellet designed for swine as well.

Why do KuneKunes loose hair?

Yes KuneKunes often blow their coats once a year.

They can also get mites or lice which will cause them to loose hair.

What are KuneKunes good for?

Breeding, Meat, 4H, Pets, Grazers, Therapy, Homesteading

What is the full grown weight of a KuneKune?

Sows 200-350 pounds

Boars & Barrows 250-400 pounds

At what age are KuneKunes full grown?

3 to 4 years of age

Where are KuneKunes from?

New Zealand

Will KuneKunes eat hay?

Yes however mine do not often.

What does KuneKune mean?

Fat and Round

How do you pronounce the line names of KuneKunes?



TeWhangi (Teh-Fang-ee)



Wilson’s Gina





Awakino (Ah-wah-kee-no)

Tutaki (Too-Tah-kee)

Rebecca Gina

Mahia Love (Ma-Hee-A Love)

Aria Giana (ar-ee-ah Gee-ah-na)

Tuahuru (Too-ah-Hoo-roo)

Tapeka (Ta-peek-ah)

Momona (Moe-Moe-Nah)

Whakanui (Fauk-ah-noo-ee)

Haunene (How-neh-neh)

TaruTaru (Tar-oo-Tar-oo)