Feeding KuneKunes

KuneKunes are super easy on land, tend not to root and are a grazing breed of swine.

When a Kune is fed properly, they will be super easy on the land and will tend not to root.

What do KuneKunes need?

  • A 16% - 17%  protein feed designed for swine fed daily preferably two times a day
  • Access to grass or hay at all times

Why does rooting occur?

  • A correct swine feed in not being fed providing the necessary nutrients
  • No swine feed at all is being fed and the pig is solely relying on grass and hay
  • There are grubs or something else in the soil the pig desires
  • The pig (s) are trying to create a wallow or a cool place to lay

It is a common misconception that:

  • Younger pigs need less feed
  • Older pigs require more feed
  • Pregnant sows require more feed while pregnant
  • Nursing sows do not need more feed than normal

The following is the feed analysis that is a proper diet for KuneKunes

  • Crude Protein (min.) 17.00%
  • Lysine (min.) 1.00%
  • Crude Fat (min.) 3.20%
  • Crude Fiber (max.) 7.00%
  • Calcium (Ca) (min.) 0.50%
  • Calcium (Ca) (max.) 1.00%
  • Phosphorus (P) (min.) 0.65%
  • Salt (NaCl) (min.) 0.32%
  • Salt (NaCl) (max.) 0.82%
  • Zinc (Zn) (min.) 175 ppm
  • Selenium (Se) (min.) 0.30 ppm
  • Phytase (A. Oryzae) (min.) 227 FYT/lb.

Examples of swine feed with proper nutrients - see below for links to each feed

  • Purina Nature’s Match Sow & Pig Complete
  • Blue Seal Sow Performance (This is the one Red Roof KuneKunes feeds)

Hay types the we feed

  • Orchard Grass - second and third cutting
  • Alfalfa - in extreme moderation

Fruits & Vegetables are fed as available.

We do not feed the following:

  • Meat
  • Uncooked potatoes
  • Onions
  • Nightshade vines
  • Uncut celery
  • Sugar
  • Corn
  • Corn Cobs
  • Caffeine
  • Moldy items

We feed a general regiment however we also feed to body condition as some pigs require more feed and some require less to be in optimal body condition.  

The following is our general swine feed regiment at Red Roof KuneKunes.  

Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall - 1  8 oz cups twice a day per pig

Late Fall, Winter, Early Spring - 2  8 oz cups twice a day per pig

The following is our grass and hat feeding regiment at Red Roof KuneKunes.

Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall - Grass and hay added if there is not a plentiful supply

Late Fall, Winter, Early Spring - Hay is provided daily