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AKKPS Exclusive Breeder

An AKKPS Exclusive Breeder offering KuneKune Pigs for sale in Virginia as well as the rest of the USA.


Please feel free to contact Red Roof Kunes!

Offering AKKPS KuneKune Pigs for Sale in Virginia and shipping throughout the USA.

Call, email, text, FaceTime or pm Red Roof KuneKunes.

We love talking everything KuneKune!

It is very important to us to have open and clear communication with our clients.

We tailor communication styles and times to meet our clients needs and schedule.

We are KuneKune Breeders but we also love to talk about all aspects of KuneKunes not just our KuneKune Pigs for sale!

Red Roof KuneKunes is located in Lynchburg, VA.

Our primary focus in raising, breeding and selling KuneKune Pigs is focussing on the KuneKune Pig as a multi purpose, heritage breed of pig.

Please read through our website.  There is a lot of information on breeding KuneKunes but there is also a lot of valuable information on the responsibilities or a breeder as well as contract information.

We look forward to you contacting Red Roof KuneKunes!