Welcome to Red Roof KuneKunes!

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AKKPS Exclusive Breeder

Our mission and passion at Red Roof KuneKunes is to provide mentorship and education to KuneKune owners and enthusiasts with a primary focus on KuneKune Breed preservation as a heritage breed of swine and the many purposes of the KuneKune Pig while registering solely with the American KuneKune Pig Society - AKKPS - an Official KuneKune Registry and utilizing the wealth of information offered by membership through the Empire KuneKune Pig Society - EKPA and farm certification with the KuneKune Pork Producers Association - KPPA.

Red Roof KuneKunes, owned by Caroline & Mike Malott, is an AKKPS Exclusive KuneKune Breeder in Lynchburg, Virginia offering KuneKunes for Sale accross the United States since 2013.   We specialize in Breeding Seed Stock for show and pork production as well Companion Animals / Pets.  One of our huge passions is introducing children to raising KuneKunes.  We are members of the Empire KuneKune Pig Society - EKPA and a Certified KPPA Farm.

Mike and I strive to offer as much of our 11 years of KuneKune knowledge as possible through our self created and maintained Red Roof KuneKunes website.  We also offer a Clients Only Section of our website which dives more in depth to raising and breeding KuneKunes for our clients.  Mike and I strive to customize a Mentorship Program to meet each clients farm goals - it is not cookie cutter that is for sure!

We LOVE talking everything KuneKune!  There are no stupid questions! Phone Calls are ALWAYS welcome and a preferred form of communication!  Questions most always lead to more questions and a phone call is the most efficient way to gather your answers.  We are extremely well versed on the AKKPS registration process as well as the registry.  We also welcome scheduled farm visits (the whole family is welcome) to get to know KuneKunes in person as well as see a proper KuneKune set up.  Both a phone call and farm visit are great ways to get to know each other and see if Mike and I are a match to mentor you.