Welcome to Red Roof KuneKunes!

An American KuneKune Pig Society AKKPS Exclusive Registered Breeder in Virginia

A KuneKune Pork Producers Association (KPPA) Certified Farrowing Farm & Pork Production Farm

Red Roof KuneKunes is an AKKPS Registered KuneKune Breeder located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

We offer KuneKune Pigs for sale across the USA.

Mike and I have been raising, breeding & selling AKKPS Registered KuneKunes since 2013.

Red Roof KuneKunes believes in the value of the KuneKune Pig as a multi purpose heritage breed of swine.

Being passionate about the preservation as well as the mentoring aspect of KuneKune Pigs is Red Roof KuneKunes main goal.

Please feel free to call, email, text, or pm Caroline and Mike at Red Roof KuneKunes.

We love talking everything KuneKune!

Mike and I want to offer as much information as possible about KuneKunes.

It is for this reason that we created this website offering 10 years of experience.

Red Roof KuneKune focuses on the KuneKune as a multi purpose pig.

We strive to think out of the box and offer superior mentorship that is custom for each client.

A phone call in the beginning is our preferred method of contact.

This helps our clients get to know us and for us to get to know our clients.

Questions lead to more questions and this is the best way to learn!

There are times that we are not a good match with a prospective client and visa versa and this is ok!